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People find the green color, somehow, associated with the infrared goggles.  The impression of the infrared binoculars is green due to the fact that that the vision from the infrared goggles is green. The night vision  Eyeclops are meant to provide the older and younger generation with an experience they might have experienced never before.

Rephrasing the infrared eyeclops night vision as taking hide and seek up to a new level. Its because of these night vision

up to another level. The night vision eye clops let you see up till a distance of 50 feet in a pitch black environment as well. With the Infrared eyeclops on, your child can explore  dark places as well.  The set up of the battery  of the night vision eyeclops too is extremely simple. All you need to  do is that insert five AA batteries in to the battery pack at the back of the headset, and there you go . With one  click, you switch on the goggles.  You can say that the eyeclops are meant for the small children because the small soft rubber straps which can be adjusted on your top and sides as well.  There are different modes of surveillance  among which is the maximum surveillance mode which emits a ray of barely visible ring of red light and it is due to this function of maximum surveillance in the infrared eyeclops that you can see up to 50 feet . While the dark mode of the eyeclops is turned on, you can explore the dark landscape quite well.

You can be accommodated by the infrared eyeclops in a good enough way also by a small switch on the back of the headset which

makes the nightvision eyeclops turn on or off at the same time.

Nov 13

An interesting use of the night vision eyeclops is that you can stalk your girl friend with these eyeclops in the dark. This may not sound very legal use of these eyeclops, but different companies have used this use in terms of a marketing strategy.

The concept of infrared binoculars has been explained well in the previous post. The uses of these eyeclops might not have been well explained in the previous posts, but this post will make sure we guide you about the uses of the eyeclops night vision. The eyeclops have the terminator look and hence you can dress up as terminator on Halloween and even add macho-ness to your personality by wearing these glasses.

Night vision eyeclops

You can put another use to them by exploring which is one of the main uses of the infrared binoculars. At the time of night, in the moment when you want peace all by yourself and no other distraction caused by light . The eyeclops are the best use at that time. For the photography lovers, who want to explore different aspects of landscape, nature or  even any human figure the Infrared Camera is most recommended.


For the lovers of war games, the  night vision eyeclops are the best choice.  The two attachments with the eyeclops allows you to see 10-20 feet above. But above 20 feet you might not get a clear view and the infrared binoculars might have little red dots all spread over. The people who are concerned about price, for you guys the price of the night vision eyeclops is $80. For checking it before buying, you can try them on in a pitch black room and will most likely see everything quiet clearly.  For the people living in the rural areas these eyeclops can be very helping since  these people might have to go out in the dark and might find it easier to look at different stuff using these night vision eyeclops.


Sep 13

eyeclops infrared goggles

This is a advanced level of the infrared goggles and involves the sight for the viewer up to 50 feet. This means that the Eyeclops Night vision will allow you to see within the range of 50 ft even when there is pitch black darkness. For their competitors, these Infrared goggles are going to give a tough time as these are  of the kind of the night vision goggles available in cheaper price as compared to the other eyeclops night vision.


Other Features:

The brightness modes can be well altered whenever you want to have the least brightness mode or a more brighter mode. One of the best modes is the glow mode which makes things visible for you upto maximum. And the Glow mode actually makes uses the limit of upto 50 ft.

Color Schemes:

Like any other night vision goggles, these goggles make things visible for you in 2 color schemes. One is the well Known green color scheme. While the other one is the monochrome color scheme. One of the things you might find awkward would be that you might find it odd to look from one screen form your eye only.

eyeclops night vision Infrared goggles


You might find the eyeclops night vision to be extremely light weight and easily adjustable.

You can also use these eyeclops night vision goggles for playing games such as the paint ball and hide and seek. You might even win because the night vision clops are at your end.

For the people who are wondering that how can they fix their glasses underneath these eyeclops, this is not a major issue for them. As they will find out that these eyeclops night vision can be worn easily under over the glasses.

The people who consider the price of the eyeclops night vision to be a bit high must know that the high price is due to the use of Ir Light in the eyeclops. The infrared goggles are made to work only becuase of this Ir light and the green color spectrum ( if adjusted by the user  willingly) is due to this IR light.